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Little Grand Canyon

Providence Canyon
(Little Grand Canyon)

Providence CanyonIt's called Providence Canyon State Conservation Park, and it's near the western border of Georgia.

The park protects 1,108 acres
of land and canyons, and is a strange and beautiful place. Slowly melting multi-colored towers of clay and mud surround you, and exotic trees with slender trunks and giant leaves grow in the damp hollows.

Providence CayonThe canyons were formed by accelerated erosion due to bad lumber and farming practices in the early 1800s. Where one hundred or so years ago there was rolling Georgia forest, there are now several canyons about 150 feet deep.

Erosion had its way with the soil of western Georgia, creating the sharp ridges of "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon" as seen from the backpacking trail.

Two trails pass through the park: The 7-mile Backpacking Trail and the 3-mile Canyon Loop Trail. There are six established campsites on the backpacking trail for which reservations are required, and plenty of picnic tables in the park for a day trip.

For more information and directions call 912 838-6202  or visit the Web site:


Hiking - 3 miles of trails
Backpacking - 7 mile backcountry trail


1,108 Acres 2 Picnic Shelters Family/Group Shelter Pioneer Camping Interpretive Center

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